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- SIC broadcast TV channel (Portugal)

- Grande Reportagem (Portugal)

- Noticias Sábado/Jornal de Noticias (Portugal)

- Noticias Magazine/Jornal de Noticias (Portugal)

- Jornal Público (Portugal)

- Jornal i (Portugal)

- Vice Magazine (Portugal)

- New York Times (U.S.A.)

- International Herald Tribune (U.S.A.)

- Courrier International (Japan)

- Courrier International (France)

- M le Magazine de Le Monde (France)

- Télérama (France)

- L´Obs (France)

- Geo (Germany)


- Porto 2001Capital Europeia da Cultura/Porto 2001 European Capital of Culture (Portugal)

- Teatro Nacional Carlos Alberto/Carlos Alberto National Theater (Portugal)

- Museu do Douro/Douro Museum (Portugal)

- Direcção Regional de Cultura do Norte (Portugal)

- Turismo do Douro/Douro Tourism Office (Portugal)

- AEPGA - Association for the Study and Protection of the Asinine Cattle (Portugal)

- CoraNe - Development Association of the Municipalities of the Northeastern Frontier (Portugal)

- Município de Alijó/Alijó Municipality (Portugal)

- Município de Matosinhos/Matosinhos Municipality (Portugal)

- Município de Alfândega da Fé/Alfândega da Fé Municipality (Portugal)

- Município de Miranda do Douro/Miranda do Douro Municipality (Portugal)

- Município de Vimioso/Vimioso Municipality (Portugal)

- Município do Porto/Porto Municipality (Portugal)

- Centro Português da Fotografia/Portugues Centre of Photography

- Associação Nacional de Farmácias/National Association of Pharmacies (Portugal)

- Médicos do Mundo/Doctors of the World (Portugal)

- Rede Europeia Anti-Pobreza/Anti-Poverty European Network (Portugal)

- Centre National du Cinéma et de L´Image Animée (France)


- OMDesign

- Symington

- Graham´s

- Cockburn´s

- Porto Ferreira

- Porto Poças

- Quinta da Aveleda

- Quinta do Crasto

- Valle Pradinhos

- Red Bull

- Hospital Privado de Viana do Castelo/Viana do Castelo Private Hospital

- Efacec

- Amorim Imobiliária

- Garland Logistics

- Tecnogravura Printing

- Glossybox (USA)



• Grant by the Portuguese Centre of Photography to develop a photography and video installation titled Pity vs Charity – observation & reflection.



• Honourable mention in the documentary section with Pity vs Charity at Fest, 1º Youth Cinema & Video festival of Espinho, Portugal.

• Honourable mention in the experimental section with Tree at Fest, 1º Youth Cinema & Video festival of Espinho, Portugal.

• InternationaloOfficial competition with Pity vs Charity at Corta 2004 International Short Film Festival, Porto, Portugal.

• Portuguese Video Show with Tree & Pity vs Charity at Lisbon Videoteca/Videolibrary, Portugal.

• Official competition with Tree at 9ºOvarVídeo Festival, Portugal.

• Corta 2004 – Porto Short Film International Festival - International official competition  

• Honorable mention/ national phase  at Fuji Euro Press Photo Awards, Portugal.



• Selected and participation at Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism in Hannover, Germany.



• Participation in FotoWeekDC Festival in Washington, USA.

• Part of the presentation of Portuguese Photography Night at Kaunas Photo Festival, Lithuania.



• Kaunas Photo Festival – Photo Star collective exhibition – Lithuania (August 2011)

• Official Competition with Faith In Donkeys at the 14th W. Puchalski International Nature Film Festival, Poland.



• Best Portuguese documentary with Faith in Donkeys at Cine'Eco International Environmental Film Festival , Seia, Portugal.

• Presentation of the works Between Us & Faith in Donkeys at Bursa Photo Fest 2012, Turkey.

• Projection of selected portuguese photographers at Macadam Gallery, Brussels.



• II Edition Douro Entrepreneur Award – 2º place/ Video category with “Nine Months of Winter and Three of Hell” (Work-in-progress) presented at Expo Milan 2015, UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice, Italy.

 • 8th ART&TUR - International Tourism Film Festival 2015 - 1st Prize "Wine and Gastronomy" Category - Porto Ferreira “Luxury of Time”



• Graphis Advertising Annual 2016 - Video Category – “Gold Award” for Porto Ferreira “Luxury of Time”  

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