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Journey With No Route (signed)

Journey With No Route (signed)


"It is said that there are insects whose vision is so limited that a flap of their wings lifts them above their horizon. Each movement is a plunge into uncertainty. They are like the blind who cannot know where their steps are leading them. If the flap of a wing were to fling us above our horizon, we would get a new, amazing sense of the eternal adventure."

On Foot - First published in Béla Balázs, Der Phantasie-Reiseführer: Das ist ein Baedeker der Seele für Sommerfrischler (Berlin: Paul Zsolnay Verlag, 1925) OCTOBER 115, Winter 2006, pp. 59–60. © 2006 October Magazine, Ltd. and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

"Viagem Sem Rumo | Journey With No Route" is a work that comes from an inner need of research, addressing the representation of the human experience upon a reflection on contemporaneity. An intimate exercise of awareness, where instinct reflects upon reason and vice-versa, in moments that intersect interior and exterior realities.

Bilingual (Portuguese and English)
54 pages
25 x 20 cm
ISBN 978-989-96211-2-1

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