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Entre Nós (Book+DVD)

Entre Nós (Book+DVD)


Titled in english "Between Us", it is a project that consists on a photographic workshop with two groups of youngsters, one from an urban neighbourhood in Matosinhos, a neighbour-city of Porto, and the other group from small rural communities in the Douro region. And for over a year, in an intuitive and instinctive approach, they recorded glimpses of their social and personal lives, with the main intention being to produce and confront two apparently opposite visual records of social and contemporary lives, the urban versus the rural. Along it was developed a video-doc documenting the all process and thematic, taking as a starting point the images and words of those who are still in an age shrouded in innocence, and intended to find out how their realities are, their dreams and sorrows, their desires and fears, their joys and tears, and there maybe unfold a glimpse of what is Portugal and its future.

Portuguese version only.

96 pages
21 x 14 cm
ISBN 978-989-96211-0-7

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