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Journey With No Route

"It is said that there are insects whose vision is so limited that a flap of their wings lifts them above their horizon. Each movement is a plunge into uncertainty. They are like the blind who cannot know where their steps are leading them. If the flap of a wing were to fling us above our horizon, we would get a new, amazing sense of the eternal adventure."


Béla Balázs


On Foot - First published in Béla Balázs, Der Phantasie-Reiseführer: Das ist ein Baedeker der Seele für Sommerfrischler (Berlin: Paul Zsolnay Verlag, 1925) OCTOBER 115, Winter 2006, pp. 59–60. © 2006 October Magazine, Ltd. and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



Journey With No Route is a work that comes from an inner need of research, addressing the representation of the human experience upon a reflection on contemporaneity. An intimate exercise of awareness, where instinct reflects upon reason and vice-versa, in moments that intersect interior and exterior realities.
The loneliness and alienation before the multitude. The emptiness urging the search for a lost spirituality. The vulnerability of relations in a desperate search for affection. The perpetual motion as a result of the constant anxiety. The numbness of the senses in the repetition of the days. The absence of values before the shuffled multiplicity of references. The acculturation process where homogeneity overlaps the individual. A portrait of present society and its dominant bipolarity.
Ultimately, an analysis upon the emotional and compulsive act of collecting and preserving memories, and therefore to revive and recreate them. Where the end is the journey itself. Such as life.

The catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibition with the same title at the Portuguese Centre Of Photography, between 12th April and 29th June 2014, Porto, Portugal.

- Portuguese Centre Of Photography, 12th April and 29th June 2014, Porto, Portugal.

- IIFESTimagem2015 -  International Festival of Image by GLOC Cultural Association, July 2015, São Paulo, Brasil.

- Objectos Misturados/Inauguro Art Exhibitions, March 2017, Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

- Photo Experience, October 2018, Setúbal, Portugal.



- 2nd place at FESTimagem2014 International Award Competition.

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