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Presented alongside each other, Observation & Reflexion are two works that confront the rational and emotional perception and representation of reality: An instalation with a lightbox, Observation depicts a mosaic of a Journey among unfamiliar places where emotion take control upon reason, in a spontaneous and instinctive record of a personal experience in a common world; Showed in the classic form of a picture frame, it is as a starting point towards the Reflexion pon different subjects regarding the human existence, in a calculated and measured exercise, Work supported through a Grant from the Portuguese Centre of Photography.

Concept, Direction, Production & Photography

João Pedro Marnoto 


- Multimedia Centre, Espinho/Portugal (March 2005)

- Gil Vicente Academic Theatre, Coimbra/Portugal (May 2004)

- Famalicão Art Centre, Portugal (November 2003 - January 2004)

- Labirintho Gallery, Porto (May-July 2002)

- Lugar Comum/ Experimental Art Centre of Portuguese Arts and Ideas Club (October 2001)

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