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Bedtime Stories (1995-1997) - Three photographic tales, metaphorically reflecting and depicting the human condition in three possible stages: Childhood, Adulthood and Old Age.

It was summer. They would arrive and leave behind memories and experiences not much happy and desired. And for two weeks the rules, that were not dictated by the oldest, were driven by games, jokes, fun, tears and smiles. Nothing else worried besides that time and space where you could only be a Child. It was the time of the Summer Camp.


A popular manifestation enraized in traditions and believes, metaforizing human perspectives and attitudes towards the natural elements, brings out as much passion as reproval. Whatever the views are, Bullfighting is an event that is as much beatiful as it is horrific.

Consequence of our highly accelarated society, nursying-homes are a reality increasingly  common that tends to transform the traditional family structure, bringing with that as much benefits as prejudice. Portraits of life is about those waiting for an announced end.

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