Film - Format 16:9 FullHD - Total running time 94 minutes

Nine Months of Winter and Three of Hell


“At the turn of the century and for little more than a decade, life led me to the lands of Douro and Trás-os-Montes in Northeast Portugal, where I ended up living and working. This triggered a process of introspection, questioning certainties increasingly more accommodated in this flat world. And so the city distanced beyond the horizon, and myself.”

With the title taken from a popular expression from the Douro and Trás-os-Montes in Portugal Northeast region, the work recounts a journey amongst the people rooted in the land that sustains its hunger, and devoted in the faith that points them towards the skies. Firstly with photography and extending into vídeo, the final result tries to be a visual metaphor on contemporaneity taken from a premise and perspective of the rural space: While road works and river damns gain ground over nature, Man persists on a fading and enduring coexistence with the environment, honouring a past creased by physical and spiritual effort and rigor, in contrast to a present where it seems to dominate a culture of both moral formatting and exaltation. A culture in a merciless confrontation with new social and economic realities, in a last instance, it´s a reflection on the human condition based on three vertices: the relationship with Land, Faith and Progress.

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In partnership with the Douro Museum and AEPGA Association, projection of video/documentary in public spaces in the style of traveling cinema, especially in Churches, catle barns, olive oil press, and other spaces that are of particular interest, with special relevance to the region and communities where the work originates, and to coincide with the time of the summer celebreties.

Book - Hard cover in the format 18cmx24cm com,170 pages and 100 images/colour

Touring Exhibition - 55 images framed in formats 50cmx75cm, 100cmx66cm and 80cmx120cm


A project that has gone already presented as work-in-progress in some media and cultural events such as:

- Público (2018)

- Geo Saison, Germany (2017)

- L´Obs, France (2016)

- II Edition Douro Entrepreneur Award – 2º place/Video presented at Expo Milan 2015, UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice (2015)

- Between River Banks Festival - exhibition in Mirandela, Lisbon, Sª Marta Penaguião, Porto, Portugal (2012/2013)

- Between River Banks Festival - projection + music + spoken word - Mirandela Auditorium and Lamego Theatre, Portugal (2012)

- Recyclart Center – Portuguese Photography - Brussels, Belgium (October 2012)

- PhotoEspana Madrid 2012 - Descubrimientos (June 2012)

- The Woman in the Rural World - Booklet and exhibition - in collaboration with Spanish photojournalist Lucía Burbano and antropologist Teresa Nóvoa – Bragança Cultural Center & Ronda das Adegas, Atenor, Portugal (2011)

- Vice Magazine | Portuguese edition (July/August 2011)

- Private Magazine/website, Italy (May 2011)

- FotoWeekDC, International Photo Festival, Washington/USA (November 2010)

- Kaunas Photo Festival, Lithuania (July 2010)

- - new values ​​of photo documentary (2009)

- Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism, Hannover, Germany (June 2008)

- Sounds & Ruralities Art Festival, Vimioso/Portugal (May 2008)

- Foundation Museum Maurício Penha, Sanfins do Douro/Portugal (August 2007)

- Alijó Municipal Auditorium/Portugal (July 2007)

- "The rocks, the people and the memory" - commission from the municipality of Alijó in the Douro region, to develop a book documenting its cultural & social heritage (2006).


General Direction

Direction, D.O.P. e Editing [Film]

Photography, Layout e Texts [Book]

João Pedro Marnoto




João Pedro Marnoto

Eduarda Freitas

Museu do Douro

Fernando Seara

João Tomé Duarte

Luis CarvalhoMaria

João Centenário

Natália Fauvrelle

Design Consulting

Hugo Amadeu Santos



Dfm studio​​

Book Editors

Âncora Editores


Museu do Douro

Music [Film]

Gonçalo Pereira

Editing Assistance [Film]

Tiago Carvalho


Sound Instalation [Exhibition]

Sound Mixing [Film]
Duarte Ferreira

Translation & Subtitles [Film]

Pedro Filipe Ramos

Pedro Pereira

Pedro Braga Falcao


Text revision
Maria Joao Centenario

Natalia Fauvrelle

Pedro Filipe Ramos

Printing [Book] 

Orgal impressores


Printing [Exhibition]



Da Vinci