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Pity versus Charity  is a video installation, that capyutes the reactions of people caught in situations that confront economic and human values. Work supported through a Grant from the Portuguese Centre of Photography.


Concept, Direction, Production & D.O.P.

João Pedro Marnoto 



Rui Pedro Andrade

Pedro Costa

- Lugar Comum/ Experimental Art Centre of Portuguese Arts and Ideas Club, Oeiras, Portugal (2001)

- Labirintho Gallery, Porto (2002)

- Famalicão Art Centre, Portugal (2003-2004)

- FEST – 1ª Espinho Youth Cinema & Video festival, Portugal (2004)

- Multimedia Centre, Espinho/Portugal (2005)

- Gil Vicente Academic Theatre, Coimbra, Portugal (2004)

- Corta 2004 – Porto Short Film International Festival  (2004)

- Portuguese Video Show – Lisbon Videoteca (2004)



- FEST – 1º Espinho Youth Cinema & Video Festival, Portugal - Honourable Mention | Documentary (February 2004)

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