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Aquilino, the House and the Breath of God (trailer)


Documentary about the Casa Grande de Romarigães (Big House of Romarigães), an emblematic manor space in the lands of Paredes de Coura in Alto Minho, space that gave rise to the work with the same name by the writer Aquilino Ribeiro, considered one of the greatest works of Portuguese literature, and that after undergoing works of restoration and recovery, was formally inaugurated on the 30th of July 2023, making way for a house-museum. The work, in addition to having the restoration process as its motto, also intends to reflect on the literary work itself, the author and the territory from which it emerges.

The premiere of the documentary is scheduled for the first half of 2024 on a date to be announced.

Video Production



Direction, Photography, Editing & Color-Grading

João Pedro Marnoto


Miguel Graja & João Pedro Maronto


Rui Pedro Andrade, Manuel Gomes & Ana Alves

Space Ensemble

Coura Voce

Irmãs Lira

Magda Pinto


Marlene Castro


Grupo de Teatro Amador Courense

Afonso Reis, Aurora Teixeira, Isabel Cunha, Paulo Castro, Rafael Pereira & Sofia Brito.

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