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João Pedro Marnoto from Porto, Portugal, has developed along the years a work within the grounds of documentary while using it towards a means of personal exploration. With nearly twenty years of professional practice, his approach intents to be an intimate exercise of awareness and consciousness, with his projects reflecting on issues of identity and the human condition within an environmental and sociological perspective.

Extending his tools of trade from still into moving image, with the intent of developing projects on a wider scale and reach, regarding the creation of contents but also its diffusion in various outlets, from classic print to present digital platforms, he therefore has been collaborating alongside a group of trusty and capable professionals of different tools and fields of creativity, setting up a platform that goes by the name of MediaUtopia.

Alongside the development of self motivated projects, the focus lies on producing promotional, editorial and documentary features, working on all stages of photo and film production, from art direction and screenwriting to post-production in sound, image and graphics animation, for Institutional, Corporate and Media entities, such as SIC national broadcast TV channel (Portugal), New York Times (USA), Le Monde (France), Douro Museum (Portugal), Centre National du Cinéma et de L´Image Animée (France), Red Bull (Portugal), Graham´s Port  (Portugal) and Doctors of the World (Portugal).

Having received awards such as Best Portuguese Documentary at 2012 Cine'Eco International Environmental Film Festival, or the Gold Award Video category from Graphis Advertising Annual 2016, it is always rewarding and a stimulus on moving forward. But ultimately and primarily, it is the belief, passion and commitment in the all process that make it all possible, to both overcame the challenges that are faced, and create the ideas that are desired, in an always ambitious and unique manner.

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• Grant by the Portuguese Centre of Photography to develop a photography and video installation titled Pity vs Charity – observation & reflection.



• Honourable mention in the documentary section with Pity vs Charity at Fest, 1º Youth Cinema & Video festival of Espinho, Portugal.

• Honourable mention in the experimental section with Tree at Fest, 1º Youth Cinema & Video festival of Espinho, Portugal.

• InternationaloOfficial competition with Pity vs Charity at Corta 2004 International Short Film Festival, Porto, Portugal.

• Portuguese Video Show with Tree & Pity vs Charity at Lisbon Videoteca/Videolibrary, Portugal.

• Official competition with Tree at 9ºOvarVídeo Festival, Portugal.

• Corta 2004 – Porto Short Film International Festival - International official competition  

• Honorable mention/ national phase  at Fuji Euro Press Photo Awards, Portugal.



• Selected and participation at Lumix Festival for Young Photojournalism in Hannover, Germany.



• Participation in FotoWeekDC Festival in Washington, USA.

• Part of the presentation of Portuguese Photography Night at Kaunas Photo Festival, Lithuania.



• Kaunas Photo Festival – Photo Star collective exhibition – Lithuania (August 2011)

• Official Competition with Faith In Donkeys at the 14th W. Puchalski International Nature Film Festival, Poland.



• Best Portuguese documentary with Faith in Donkeys at Cine'Eco International Environmental Film Festival , Seia, Portugal.

• Presentation of the works Between Us & Faith in Donkeys at Bursa Photo Fest 2012, Turkey.

• Projection of selected portuguese photographers at Macadam Gallery, Brussels.



• II Edition Douro Entrepreneur Award – 2º place/ Video category with “Nine Months of Winter and Three of Hell” (Work-in-progress) presented at Expo Milan 2015, UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, Venice, Italy.

 • 8th ART&TUR - International Tourism Film Festival 2015 - 1st Prize "Wine and Gastronomy" Category - Porto Ferreira “Luxury of Time”



• Graphis Advertising Annual 2016 - Video Category – “Gold Award” for Porto Ferreira “Luxury of Time”  

Direction, Production & Editing

João Pedro Marnoto


Tiago Carvalho

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