The environmental association AEPGA "... social objective is to protect and promote the traditional Donkey... respect and preserve the rich cultural and natural heritage in Northeast Portugal". Having lived and worked very closely with the group for some years, Donkey brays do reach the heavens is a visual record of the work developed by the ONG, a very worthy effort, in an always hard but conscious lifestyle.

In partnership with AEPGA and the support from CoraNe – Associação de Desenvolvimento dos Concelhos da Raia Nordestina, Vidas Faladas/Lives Spoken is a visual record of the traditional agriculture practice still prevailing in the region, with the intention to set up a visual archive,

The Young and the Old - Looks on Women in the Rural World is a project coordinated by AEPGA and developed alongside spanish photojournalist Lucia Burbano.

As part of the social and cultural work developed over the territory,, and in co-production with AEPGA, a photographic workshop titled Young Looks on the Old World with youngsters from Spain, Portugal and Greece countryside, addressing and portraying rural life, both the similarities that unite and the differences that distinguish them. Final work with book publication and touring exhibition.